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Celebrating Community Impact: "Santa por un Día" Initiative

As the new year unfolds, Mayan Technologies takes a moment to celebrate the impactful journey of our "Santa por un Día" (Santa for a Day) initiative. This internal program, held in contrast to our community-focused U.S. Holiday Toy Drive, showcases our team's commitment to making a positive difference, particularly highlighted by the dynamic gift-giving process and the memorable delivery event on December 13th at C.A.M. Especial del Centro in Monterrey.

The Essence of Santa por un Día

"Santa por un Día" is about more than just gift-giving; it's a manifestation of our team's dedication to inclusivity and support. This year, the initiative focused on the students at C.A.M. Especial del Centro, a remarkable institution that provides essential educational support to children and young adults with disabilities and developmental challenges.

A unique aspect of "Santa por un Día" is the way our team members, as well as Mayan Technologies as a company, actively engage in the spirit of giving. Each participant and the company as a whole sponsor one or more children by providing gifts from each child’s Christmas wish lists. These wishes, expressed in letters to Santa, include a range of items from toys and clothes to educational materials. Our team members and the company then personally select and purchase these gifts, adding a personal and organizational touch to each act of giving.

While "Santa por un Día" focuses on internal team participation and specific educational support, our U.S. Annual Holiday Toy Drive engages a broader community, inviting local businesses to help collect toy donations for children and families that are spending the holidays at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. To learn more about our U.S. Holiday Toy Drive, please read the full article here.

The Delivery Event: A Celebration of Giving

The delivery event on December 13th, coordinated alongside El Mediador, was a day filled with joy, laughter, and holiday magic. Our team members, along with volunteers from El Mediador, distributed the carefully chosen gifts to the children, creating an atmosphere of celebration and inclusivity. The event included engaging activities and performances, making it a memorable experience for everyone involved.

The success of "Santa por un Día" is attributed to our volunteers, the collective efforts of our team, and the corporate sponsorship from Mayan Technologies. Their participation and dedication were key to bringing this event to life and ensuring each child felt special and valued.

Our volunteers – Andres Velazco, Angel Villasenor, Dora Chavarria, Daniela Rodriguez, Yuridia Monsivais, and Gerardo Castillo – deserve special mention for volunteering in our delivery event. Their involvement was key in making this event a success and adding a personal touch.

Moving Forward with Purpose

As we reflect on the success of "Santa por un Día", we are reminded of the power of internal unity and corporate responsibility, and the impact it can have on the wider community. This initiative is a shining example of how our team's collective efforts, supported by our company, can spread joy and make a significant difference.

We look forward to continuing this tradition of internal engagement, corporate sponsorship, and community service, carrying the spirit of giving into all our future endeavors and engraving them as part of our company culture. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in making "Santa por un Día" a memorable and meaningful experience.

Gallery: A Glimpse into Our Santa por un Dia Event

Dive into the heartwarming scenes from our 'Santa por un Día' delivery event. These photos encapsulate the spirit of community and giving, showcasing our team and volunteers in action as they bring smiles to the young students.

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