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What we offer

Retaining the right team becomes a critical challenge for organizations of any size; with several years of experience across multiple platforms and industries, we are confident we can be the right partner for you.

Our Enterprise Solutions division delivers technology experts across practically any ERP. Our team will work with you in sourcing and retaining the right talent for you on any of our following models:

Extended Team

Dedicated Team



With over 15 years’ experience working on several ERP products and frameworks, across all industries, we have become a trusted and reliable services partner to our customers. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and advocacy remains at the forefront of all of our engagements. 


How we can help

Whether you are looking for a full implementation or simply continuous improvement and support we have access to a highly specialized pool of professionals to provide you with the best talent and service on the following areas:

Functional Architects and PM’s
Custom Engineers
Integration Engineer

Tech Support Specialists
Infrastructure Setup Support & Management

The Mayan Difference

Our main goal is customer satisfaction.

Our company and our team has your satisfaction as our top priority. We have no interest in upselling software licenses, we are focused on finding a solution while maximizing your current resources and optimizing your processes.


Regardless of size or budget, we are here to work with you and develop a support program 100% tailored to your needs. 

When partnering with us, we:

Source and allocate technical resources to help you take care of any challenge.

Provide resources, standards, and procedures to make your project a reality.

Support your end-users by helping you maintain a high level of productivity.

Represent you with customer support for your specific product.

Think we are a good fit?

Let's Talk! Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation. Let us explain what we can do for you and how we can help you. 

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