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spotlight | November


Viviana Vega

CAM, Financial Consultant

This month's recommendations from Viviana are:



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November's Spotlight is on this year's Mayan Noble winner, Viviana Vega, or Vivi as most people call her. Viviana has been in the company for four years and is such an asset to our team. She holds three positions within the company and exceeds expectations within each role. In the Enterprise Solutions department, she carries out her duties as a customer account manager (CAM) and as a Senior Financial Consultant. If that wasn’t impressive enough, she holds the position of Financial Manager within the Operations team. 


We started the interview by asking her questions to get to know her on a personal level.  


What was your dream profession growing up?

As a little girl, I dreamed of becoming a teacher. I think it is a common idea for children to want to become a teacher. I used to apply tests to my toys, then grade them. 

After growing up, my interest shifted towards traveling and connecting with people from other countries. So, my dream changed from becoming a teacher to becoming an ambassador and representing my country around the world.

Viviana mentioned she ultimately decided to study International Relations as it is closely related to her childhood dream of becoming an ambassador. However, she focused more on foreign trade, specializing on exports, imports, and incoterms. 

Who in your life has inspired you most?

At this point in my life, more than having someone inspire me, I try every day to be a role model for my 18-month-old daughter. My primary focus is being an inspiration to her. I am working on myself every day to be the best role model I can be. I want her to absorb my enthusiasm, my positivity, and see how I keep pushing myself every day to be better.  And hopefully, in a few years, she will do the same.

After Viviana shared with us that she is a first-time mother and how much her daughter drives her to keep working hard, we asked her a few more questions about her family.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

I would love to be a chef, although I don't have a whole lot of cooking skills. It is a profession I would like to try since I find it very interesting how you can transmit emotions and ideas to someone through food, and well, everyone needs to eat!

What’s one piece of advice you wish you’d gotten sooner?

People are constantly reminding you of the importance of take care of your physical health by exercising, and eating healthily, however, I wish someone had told me before that taking care of your mental health is equally as important.


I wish I had known how to manage stress, not stress so much over the little things, focus more on letting things flow and most importantly, keeping yourself in a positive mindset. 

What do you like the most about your family?

I wish I could sum it up in a few words, but being honest, it all feels perfect to me. What I have definitely enjoyed most is that we are a family of 3 and we feel very close, also, due to the pandemic and working from home, I've been able to enjoy more time with my daughter, seeing her grow, learn, and being present as she experiences her first milestones. 

Spotlight | Mayan Technologies | Viviana Vega

Do you have any pets?

Yes, I have quite a few. I have two Australian parakeets that I thought at first were male and female, but now I’m pretty sure they both are the same sex.


I have two dogs, Timon, a 12-year-old Chihuahua, he is undoubtedly the favorite one, and a mixed breed called Churro that we adopted three years ago. I also have three turtles, but they are unnamed at the moment.

After Viviana shared more about her personal life, like how much she and her husband love animals, and how working remotely has brought some positive things to her family, we proceeded with some questions about her professional life.


Among many other things, she talked about her first job, her main functions at Mayan Technologies, and what has been the most challenging part of working at the company.

Image by Domenico Loia


What do you do at Mayan Technologies?

As a CAM, my main function is to keep our clients happy. I am the link between the client and our technical team. I am responsible for understanding client's requirements, communicating them to our technical team, addressing doubts from both sides, keeping track of the project, communicating the progress, and finally delivering the finished project to the client.

As a Sr. Financial Consultant, I specialize in the financial module within the ERP systems we support. I also provide analysis, and recommendations to our clients and clear up any doubts to both beginners and advanced users about the financial modules.


As a Mayan Technologies Financial Manager, I focus on the A/R - A/P areas. I also oversee the financial health of the company and help ensure its continued viability. 

What do you enjoy most about your job?
That it constantly shifts and there is always something to do. When you think you have everything solved there are already three other tasks waiting to be solved.

What was your first job?

My first job ever was as a waitress for three months, but my first job developing my professional career was as a purchasing assistant at the Arena Monterrey, where I was responsible for making sure we had all the necessary equipment to carry out the concerts as well as the artists' requirements.

She explained that sometimes the artists asked for odd things, such as a certain brand of clothing, requested for special arrangements for their rooms, or that every day they would ask to be brought things like flowers or a foreign newspaper.

What it is like working at Mayan Technologies? 

Challenging. You never stop, there is always something to learn. When you think you already know everything about an ERP, either new versions come out, or suddenly a customer comes in with a request you have never heard of before.

Viviana also mentioned that the most challenging thing about working at Mayan Technologies is that you always must be up to date since we never say no, and that requires constant learning and effort. And while on the subject, she also mentioned that the most challenging thing about working remotely has been communication. She believes that messages or emails can easily get lost in translation leading to more time spent trying to figure problems out.


To wrap up the interview, we asked a few random questions. Which allowed us to have some understanding of other aspects of Viviana’s life.

What's the most unusual thing you have ever eaten?

The most unusual thing I have ever eaten is an iguana. My dad is from Morelos, where iguana, quail, and rabbit are commonly cooked. I would never eat it again, because even though it tastes like chicken, just thinking about it evokes images of a living iguana. But if someone were to serve it to me without telling me what it is, I would probably eat it.

If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

It would say: She is crazy! I am very opinionated so; it is hard for me to change my mind when I already have a point of view.

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

That my family will be okay.


Thank you  for reading this month's Spotlight article, where featured team members provide insight into their job at Mayan Technologies and detail what their role encompasses while opening up about their personal life. 

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