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spotlight | Fernando Montoya


Fernando Montoya

Sr. Technical Consultant

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In this Spotlight edition, we are thrilled to introduce Fernando Montoya, our Senior Technical Consultant hailing from Estado de Mexico. Fernando's technological journey runs deep, and he possesses an impressive expertise in Epicor. He excels in crafting integrations tailored to our clients' unique needs, ultimately enhancing efficiency and refining their processes.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Fernando cherishes spending quality time with his family. During his free moments, he can often be found on the basketball court or engaged in video game adventures with his friends.

Although Fernando is a recent addition to the Mayan Technologies team, his passion for technology and unwavering dedication to his profession are readily evident. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to learn more about him and witness the remarkable contributions and achievements he will undoubtedly bring to our company.


Fernando, with a bachelor's degree in Information and Communication Technologies, initiated a rewarding journey in the field of technology and Epicor solutions. He strongly emphasizes teamwork and effective communication, considering them crucial in both professional and personal aspects. Fernando is consistently eager to lend a helping hand to others.

Join us in exploring Fernando's professional journey. He shares insights into his professional experiences, personal growth, and his enriching journey during the time he has been with us at Mayan Technologies. 

What do you do at Mayan Technologies?

As a Senior Technical Consultant at Mayan Technologies, I partner with a variety of clients. Each brings their own set of technical landscapes and unique challenges. My primary responsibility is to understand and address these needs, which could be anything from crafting solutions and setting up BMP directives to designing reports or dashboards.

Open communication is central to what I do. Internally, as well as with our clients, it's vital to maintain clarity. We often hold meetings via Teams to outline project objectives and address any issues, ensuring that all parties are aligned.


Additionally, part of my role involves monitoring and responding to high-priority issues as they arise. It's about blending technical expertise with prompt decision-making to navigate challenges effectively.

Integrating other products with Epicor can lead to some fascinating results. Do you have any firsthand experience in this domain? Could you provide some insights?

Absolutely, I have a particular fondness for integrations, notably the mobile apps I've developed. One standout project involved a forklift repair company grappling with technicians nationwide using paper for service requests, leading to inefficiencies and communication bottlenecks. To rectify this, I devised a mobile app facilitating technicians to log their working hours, repairs, and materials utilized, with data seamlessly integrating with Epicor.

Before this solution, information lagged, and crucial part requests were often missed. However, with the app's implementation, technicians could instantly update data, prompting immediate notifications to the respective branches. This not only expedited processes but also heightened customer response times. I nurtured and refined this project over 3 to 4 years, marking a significant leap in operational efficiency until my tenure's end.

Can you briefly describe your most recent technical role before joining Mayan Technologies, and how do you think it defines your approach to your current role?

I spent 12 years at my previous company, where I was able to deepen my expertise in Epicor. Starting with its implementation, I later expanded into report development and more. My responsibilities peaked as IT Manager, steering a team and managing our systems during a phase when the company grew from 300 to 1,200 employees. We played a pivotal role in facilitating this growth by streamlining processes and implementing effective information systems.

Now, at Mayan Technologies, my focus shifted to coding and problem-solving exclusively with Epicor. I've always considered myself an Epicor specialist, and my current role reflects the skills and knowledge I acquired during my previous experience.

What inspired you to pursue a career in technology? 

It all started back in 1996. I remember being at my aunt and uncle's bakery—they had just gotten their first computer. The unveiling of that machine was a mesmerizing moment for me. With its Windows OS and command line interface, it felt like I was looking at a gateway to another universe. That was the spark that ignited my passion for technology.

High school played its part too. I got the chance to dive into administrative informatics in our computer lab, which only deepened my fascination. And while I did snag a neat little basketball scholarship, my true calling was clear by then. After high school, I headed straight to university, keen on earning my degree in Information and Communication Technologies.

You've spent a good chunk of time with Epicor. Which do you gravitate towards more: Reports, BPMs, or UI Customizations? Why? 

I'm drawn to the nuances of integration. It's about finding innovative solutions to uncommon challenges. By harnessing the potential of Epicor, I aim to enhance efficiency, refine processes, and empower our clients. It's more than just using Epicor; it's about elevating its capabilities.

Have you ever worked on a project where you had to troubleshoot a particularly tricky issue? How did you handle it?

At my former company, we were often in a high-stakes, "get it done" environment, handling several projects at once. I distinctly recall a time when a server went down right on the brink of our project going live. Despite the hurdle, I drew upon my expertise to set up a new server, configuring the essential interfaces and systems, all in one intense, sleep-deprived night. This required a swift dive into unfamiliar territory, specifically switches. Through diligent online research during those critical hours, I managed to remedy the situation, ensuring our project was launched successfully.

In my current role, I am tackling a significant challenge involving a website connected to Epicor, which will migrate to Kinetic. My task involves migrating the website from older, unsupported services to the new Kinetic version. It's a substantial project and represents my current major challenge, demanding innovative solutions and a deep understanding of the systems involved.

What do you hope to achieve at Mayan Technologies?

I'm excited about the new challenges and learning opportunities here, which are different from what I've experienced before. I really enjoy my role and hope to grow with the company. I want to help the company succeed by doing great work for our customers and building strong relationships with them. I believe that when the company does well, we all do. So, I'm focused on doing my part to help the company grow while also developing my own skills and career.

Transitioning from an Epicor customer to a consultant role, what has the shift been like? Have you faced any unique challenges? 

Being a consultant offers a different lens compared to being a client. As a client, you operate within a fixed operational setup, usually dealing with familiar challenges. On the other hand, as a consultant, you encounter a mix of environments, clients, and issues. Even when two situations seem similar, the approach can vary based on the client's specific needs.


The consultant role is ever-changing and keeps you on your toes with a continuous stream of tasks. My time at Mayan has been an eye-opener; I've navigated various Epicor situations, which has expanded my knowledge base. It’s been interesting to discover more about the product, diving into areas I hadn’t interacted with before. However, through all the new experiences, the core principles of Epicor remain the same.

How do you handle multiple tasks or projects and make sure everything is on track? 

Firstly, I lean on CAMS for due dates. Then, I assess the complexity of each task. For less complex tasks, I start right away. However, when dealing with more intricate tasks that require intense focus, I prefer dedicating uninterrupted time until completion. This allows me to maintain concentration and deliver high-quality work.

By following this sequence, I can efficiently manage my workload. There are instances where I complete tasks well before their designated due dates, leading me to adjust my schedule accordingly. I've transitioned from a more spontaneous work approach to an organized one, aligning with project deadlines and day-to-day requirements.

Preferences + Stats

Years of Experience -


Methodology - 


Preferred Architecture - 

Client Server and Service Oriented

Recommended Framework -


Preferred DBMS -

Microsoft SQL Server



Stepping away from the bustling world of tech and consulting, we turn the spotlight to the man behind the professional achievements: Fernando Montoya. Beyond his role at Mayan Technologies, Fernando cherishes moments with his family, finds solace in basketball, and indulges in the virtual realms of video games. Let's take a closer look at what fuels and inspires this dedicated team member outside the office. Dive with us into the personal pursuits and passions that shape Fernando.

Could you tell us a little about your family history and your own personal story?

I'm the youngest among three siblings. My journey in marriage has spanned over ten wonderful years. Our family is a blend of varied ages: from my 16-year-old stepson to my lively 7-year-old boy and our charming 5-year-old daughter.

Speaking of my educational path, I initially enrolled in a technological university, focusing on a technical program. At that time, they provided courses only up to a certain level. In 2010, circumstances led me to start working. However, the university soon introduced a more advanced engineering program. Given my history with the institution, I was fortunate to receive priority admission. So, I decided to pause work and dive back into studies, ultimately earning my degree in information and communication technologies.

How do you handle work-life balance?

Since joining Mayan, I've prioritized setting clear work boundaries. I adhere to a consistent daily schedule, beginning at 9 a.m. and wrapping up at 5 p.m. Once my work hours are over, my focus shifts entirely to family and personal time.

Previously, my work hours were unpredictable, often spilling into late nights, leading to burnout. Being constantly on-call was draining. But with my current routine, evenings are reserved for quality time with my family, perhaps watching a movie or catching up. This balance not only helps me rejuvenate but also ensures I'm at my best professionally each day.

What is on your bucket list?

I've been lucky to fulfill many of my dreams, like owning our home and raising a wonderful family. Now, my priority is to support my children, guiding them towards quality education and a fulfilling career. In the future, I hope to reach a stage where my family and I can enjoy a comfortable retirement and savor life's simple joys.

What is one piece of advice you wish you had gotten sooner?

To be honest, I don't really wish I had received different advice or guidance earlier in life. I believe that personal growth often comes from experiencing things firsthand. I wouldn't change any of the events in my life, whether they were successes or failures because they have all contributed to shaping me into the person I am today. I've come to realize that people often learn best through their own experiences. So, rather than wishing for advice I hadn't received, I embraced the idea of learning from my own journey and experiences.

How would you describe yourself?

I see myself as someone who values patience and consistently aims for excellence, whether at work or at home. Honesty is my cornerstone, stemming from the golden rule of treating others how I'd want to be treated. This mindset paves the way for a balanced and peaceful approach in all my endeavors. Additionally, I'm deeply rooted in family values, emphasizing the importance of quality time and the lessons we can impart during those moments. 

What do you enjoy doing during your free time?

Spending quality moments with my family is at the top of my list. We often head to the park with the kids, offering them a change of scenery and a break from routine. Personally, while basketball once consumed much of my free time, these days, I enjoy playing video games. Every weekend, I carve out some time to play 'Warzone - Call of Duty' with my friends. It's not just about gaming; it's become a ritual for us to catch up, share our weekly tales, and simply unwind from the hustle of daily life.

Is there a person who has really made a difference in your life? 

Without a doubt, that person would be my wife. When we met and began dating, it was a turning point for me. It was then that I realized my desire to get married, have children, and build a family, to share life's responsibilities and privileges with someone special. She has been a significant influence in my life.


From the moment we met up to today, she has continuously shaped me into a better person. Over time, I've become more of a stay-at-home person, finding immense joy in spending time with my children and wife. Perhaps the pandemic played a role in this, as it heightened our appreciation for being at home and cherishing those family moments, finding joy when we are together.

What are your personal aspirations for this year and the near future?

My primary aspirations center around continual growth, both personally and professionally. I am committed to giving my best in every aspect of my life and seeing where the future takes me. In the short term, I have a clear goal with Mayan Technologies to continue growing and contributing to the organization's success. Looking ahead to the next year and beyond, my focus is on professional development. I'm eager to explore new opportunities for growth within Mayan Techs and take on additional responsibilities. 

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I see myself as someone who values patience and consistently aims for excellence, whether at work
or at home.

Tips from Our Experts

We have the privilege of working with very talented experts. Why not share some of that knowledge?

Here are Fernando's tips for navigating the intricate landscapes of tech-driven projects.

Embrace Creative Problem Solving – In order to provide effective solutions, it's crucial to think outside the box. Think creatively when proposing or constructing answers to complex challenges. Remember, every problem can be approached from numerous angles. Always aim to optimize resources, streamline development, and expedite execution times. 

Prioritize Clear Objectives and Focus  Every project demands unwavering attention to its core objectives, which must be clear, achievable, and quantifiable. Task prioritization ensures efficiency, guiding the project toward a conclusion that embodies depth, excellence, and undeniable value.

Expand your knowledge – Embrace a mindset of constant exploration and discovery. Rather than confining oneself to existing knowledge, dive into new technologies and programming languages. This approach not only offers diverse solutions to emerging requirements but also keeps you at the forefront of innovation. 

Did You Know?

Here are three things you probably didn't know about Fernando: 

Fernando has 4 pets - 3 dogs and 1 cat. 

He enjoys playing basketball and played for Mexico’s Selection team Sub 19. 

Fernando values his father's guitar as a significant keepsake.

Thank you  for reading this month's Spotlight article, where featured team members provide insight into their job at Mayan Technologies and detail what their role encompasses while opening up about their personal life. 

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