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spotlight | David Garcia

David Garcia

Sr. Technical Consultant

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In this Spotlight edition, we introduce David Garcia, our Sr. Tech Consultant from Culiacan, Sinaloa. A young man who embodies the very essence of ambition and dedication. Leveraging his expertise to deliver innovative solutions and provide invaluable counsel, David has been in the company for two years and possesses a remarkable work ethic, a thirst for knowledge, and a passion for technology. 

He celebrates his role as a quick learner. He shares his ability to rapidly absorb new information, adapt his skills, and apply them effectively. With an insatiable curiosity and an open-minded approach, he embraces challenges as opportunities for growth. David is an example of a hard worker who consistently goes above and beyond to accomplish his objectives. 

David is a tech enthusiast whose interests encompass the expansive fields of web development, application design, 3D modeling, and the captivating world of video game development. Beyond his professional pursuits, in his leisure time, David finds joy in various activities, such as enjoying movies or social gatherings.


David Garcia, an Industrial and Systems Engineering graduate from TEC de Monterrey, Sinaloa, has seamlessly transitioned into technology, showcasing adaptability and determination. At Mayan Technologies, he has become a pivotal figure, merging engineering skills with a passion for tech to drive innovation and growth.

His journey highlights a commitment to personal and professional development, embodying our values of innovation and dedication. Discover how David's unique path and contributions are making an impact at Mayan Technologies.

What do you do at Mayan Technologies?

As a Senior Tech Consultant, my role is multifaceted and dynamic, allowing me to engage with various aspects of technology and client management. While conducting technical interviews was once a significant part of my duties and remains something I very much enjoy, my current responsibilities have evolved. I now play a crucial role in maintaining relationships with our clients, particularly with PUK, ensuring their technical queries are addressed promptly and effectively. My involvement extends to coordinating tasks among our team, specifically those concerning PUK members, where I oversee technical aspects and foster collaboration to drive projects forward.

What programming languages and technologies are you most proficient in, and how do you see these skills benefiting our customers?

JavaScript is my specialty, providing the foundation for engaging web development projects. For mobile applications, I prefer Kotlin due to its efficiency and modern approach to Android app development.

A notable challenge was resolving a Memory leak for a PUK project, where my understanding of JavaScript’s intricate details was crucial. This experience highlights how our deep technical knowledge directly benefits our clients by ensuring their applications run smoothly and efficiently.

How do you approach code quality, testing, and documentation to ensure the reliability and maintainability of your software?

For testing, we've embraced the practice of automated tests, which I find incredibly effective. This approach guarantees that every new release is rigorously tested against existing functionalities, ensuring that any new features or updates are reliable and seamlessly integrated with our system.

Addressing documentation, I acknowledge it's often seen as a daunting task, and admittedly, I've also faced the temptation to skip over it. However, I've adopted a more practical method by integrating documentation directly with the code. By placing it alongside or near the relevant sections, it becomes much more accessible and understandable, encouraging its use without overwhelming the team with extensive manuals.

When it comes to Code quality, we leverage technology. Specific platforms and tools help assess the quality of the code being added. If there are errors or areas for improvement, these tools promptly notify us, streamlining the quality control process.

Would you like to share with us a bit about your professional journey?

Absolutely. My journey began in my second semester of college when I discovered my passion for programming and web applications. I started self-studying these areas, which led to a part-time position at Tec de Monterrey, where I spent a year developing applications and web pages for the school. This experience cemented my interest in technology and propelled me into freelancing. I tackled a variety of projects, from applications to AI scripts and web development, working with individual clients and expanding my technical expertise.

Two years ago, I joined Mayan Technologies, where my journey has continued to unfold. Here, I've leveraged my skills and experiences to contribute to our projects and client relationships.

What software development methodologies have you worked with, and how do you adapt to different project management approaches? 

Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to wear various hats, from leading projects to being an integral part of the development team. My experience primarily spans working with Agile and Scrum methodologies. My strategy for adapting to the unique dynamics of each project centers on prioritizing clear communication and maintaining a flexible approach when collaborating with team members. Recognizing that the essence of success in these methodologies lies in teamwork, I focus on ensuring that we're all moving together towards our common objectives. It's about creating a cohesive environment where the collective effort is valued just as much as individual contributions.

Are there any particular challenges or problems you excel at solving within the software development domain?

Quick learning is my forte, especially when tackling complex issues. A notable example was during the development of an Android app similar to Amazon, where we struggled with implementing a feature for saving purchase histories. After two weeks of brainstorming and testing various approaches, the solution I suggested finally solved the puzzle.

The key was integrating a view model, a step that required navigating Xcode's intricacies to manage data effectively. This strategy directly addressed our challenge, showcasing the importance of innovative thinking and teamwork in solving technical problems.

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Can you share how you manage stress or pressure during challenging projects and challenging times? 

When faced with stress or pressure during work, I find it helpful to momentarily shift my focus to a different task. This strategy allows me to clear my head and avoid fixating on a problem that might not have an immediate solution. Taking a step back often provides a fresh perspective that's crucial for problem-solving.

Outside work, my primary outlet for stress relief is going to the gym. It's my time to disconnect, center myself, and recharge. Engaging in physical activity not only helps me stay healthy but also ensures that I don't let work challenges consume my thoughts entirely. By the time I return to the issue at hand, I'm often more prepared mentally to tackle it with renewed energy.

As a Senior Software Developer, what are your long-term goals, and how do you envision contributing to our team's growth and our customers' satisfaction? 

Looking ahead, I'm particularly excited about the expanding frontier of application development, especially with projects like the one we have at PUK that's on the horizon. My aspiration is to be deeply involved in this project as it progresses, especially because it offers the chance to work with a programming language that's new to me. 

Embracing new technologies and mastering them is a way I see myself contributing to our team's growth and, by extension, enhancing our ability to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. By staying at the forefront of software development trends and continuously expanding my skill set, I aim to bring fresh perspectives and solutions that drive our projects forward and ensure our clients' satisfaction.

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XCode for iOS


Transitioning from David Garcia's professional achievements, we now delve into his personal interests. Despite his reserved demeanor, David's rich and engaging personality shines through in conversations, revealing a man of diverse passions and creativity.

His zeal extends beyond his tech expertise into web development, application design, and 3D modeling, reflecting his inventive spirit. David also has a varied musical taste, highlighting his appreciation for different genres.

Join us as we explore the multifaceted life of David, a distinguished team member, through his personal hobbies and interests.

Can you share with us a bit about your family background and your personal journey?

I call Culiacan, Sinaloa, home, where I live with my parents and Puma, our cat who is very much a beloved part of the family. My mom and grandmother originally hailed from Mexico City, but my mom chose to move to Culiacan, setting the stage for the life I've known here. I also have a stepbrother, easily spotted by his unique red hair, adding more color to our family's dynamic.

Is there a place you have always wanted to visit, and yet you haven’t been able to do so?

England is at the top of my list of places I’d love to both visit and experience living in. I’m particularly fascinated by the British accent; it has a unique charm, even though I occasionally find the differences between American and British English a bit challenging to navigate. Nonetheless, the allure of England's culture and music, along with its distinctive accent, deeply intrigues me.

What personal goals do you have set for this year and beyond?

One of my main goals this year is to buy my own car and stop depending on ride-sharing apps such as Didi or Uber. Owning a car would offer me more independence and make my daily routines more convenient. On the professional development front, I'm particularly excited about deepening my understanding of artificial intelligence, especially technologies like ChatGPT. It's a field that fascinates me, and I'm eager to dive deeper and broaden my expertise in AI.

Has a movie ever made a significant impact on your life?

'Ratatouille' has been a particularly influential movie for me, with its compelling narrative about following one's dreams, regardless of the obstacles. The story of Remy, a rat who aspires to be a chef in a world that sees him as unfit for the kitchen, deeply resonated with me. This movie mirrors aspects of my own life; although my challenges are different from Remy's, the core message of surpassing expectations speaks to me. Like Remy, I've pursued my passions and ambitions in a field different from what I initially studied, striving to achieve my goals despite the odds.

How would you describe yourself?

I'd describe myself as having a pretty good memory, sometimes maybe even a bit too good, which ironically leads to me being forgetful at times when I feel like I'm running out of memory space. But when it comes to the important stuff, I manage to keep it all in check. Once I warm up to people, I become quite talkative—some say I never stop. But around strangers, I'm more on the reserved and serious side. I guess I just believe in building a level of trust before I really open up.

What do you enjoy doing during your free time?

During my downtime, I engage in a few activities that I enjoy. Going to the gym is a regular part of my routine, where it's not just about the exercise for me—it's also a great place to socialize and catch up with friends. Another favorite hobby of mine is going to the movies. I've recently enjoyed films such as Barbie movie and Megalodon, among other new releases. Additionally, I value the time spent at social gatherings, embracing the opportunity to connect with others.

What did you dream of becoming when you were younger?

As a child, I was captivated by Dexter's Lab and dreamed of becoming an inventor like Dexter. The concept of inventing new things and bringing innovations to help society truly fascinated me.

How do you manage the balance between work and personal life?

For a healthy work-life balance, I've drawn a distinct line between my professional and personal time. After finishing my daily work, I physically put away my work tools, marking the transition from work mode to personal time. This practice is particularly important for me, especially when working remotely, to avoid the sense of being perpetually "at work." I also have a specific area set aside for work, where I stick to a regular schedule. My approach involves deliberately avoiding work outside of these set hours, ensuring clear separation and ample time for relaxation and personal activities.

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The dynamic synergy found in effective teamwork is a cornerstone of project success.

Tips from Our Experts

We have the privilege of working with very talented experts. Why not share some of that knowledge?

Here are David's tips for achieving excellence in software development, enhancing teamwork, and fostering innovation.

Embrace Teamwork – The power of collaboration cannot be overstated. Working closely with your team elevates the quality of your code and speeds up the development process, ensuring projects are delivered on time and with comprehensive solutions. The dynamic synergy found in effective teamwork is a cornerstone of project success.

Pursue Innovation  Always be open to broadening your technical repertoire. Diving into new technologies and methodologies sharpens your problem-solving skills and brings a fresh, innovative perspective to your programming endeavors. This proactive approach to learning fuels creativity and keeps your projects cutting-edge.

Prioritize Clear Documentation – Regardless of code clarity, the functionalities we develop can sometimes be intricate. It's crucial to document the core aspects of your work to facilitate understanding among your peers and secure the long-term maintainability of the software. Effective documentation acts as a roadmap, guiding future developers through your thought process and decisions.

Did You Know?

Here are three things you probably didn't know about David: 

David dedicated a year to studying the piano.

He is fluent in Chinese having studied the language for 2 1/2 years

David collects Pokémon cards.

Thank you  for reading this month's Spotlight article, where featured team members provide insight into their job at Mayan Technologies and detail what their role encompasses while opening up about their personal life. 


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