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How to Choose the Ideal ERP for Your Company or Business

How to Choose the Ideal ERP for Your Company or Business | Mayan Technologies

The power to implement an ERP in your company is going through your head, surely the first thing you will be asking yourself is: Do I need it? If your answer is yes, this is for you. Here we show you some points that you must consider when choosing an ERP. The implementation of an ERP system implies a process of change for any company, and the key to a successful implementation is prior preparation.

Tips to properly choose an ERP:

Functionality Over Cost

Value the functionality and ease of use of the system over the cost. The savings in the acquisition of an ERP is a useless effort if the project is ultimately a failure or if the project ends up exceeding the budget by 50%, 100% or even 200%.

Trusted Company

Select a supplier that is a consolidated company with experience, that has proven success stories and the one with a robust infrastructure (work team, experience, after-sales support department, coverage, etc.). If possible, you should choose an ERP whose provider can tell you about any of the implementations they made. Contact that company, ask what went well and what went wrong, and most importantly, if they would trust that provider again.


Don't forget about mobility. As mobility becomes more important in different industries, access to ERP systems only from a laptop is no longer a viable option. Choose an ERP that allows users to be productive on smartphones and tablets, while ensuring that sensitive information is secure.

Solutions for the Long Run

Remember, an ERP implementation is a long-term investment in which you will begin to perceive the results in efficiency in all areas of the company. To choose a suitable ERP you should only evaluate solutions that you trust will continue to be leaders in the following decades.


Select a flexible solution that adapts to the future needs of your company and new technologies. Ask yourself the following question: How long do I want this system to last? We live in a time of continuous change where technology advances by leaps and bounds. We must be ready to adapt to what the market demands. Therefore, when you are in the process of choosing an ERP, selecting an adaptable and flexible solution that moves with you is essential.


Compatible hardware and software. Before choosing on the ERP to implement, make sure this software is compatible with the hardware you have, or that the one you must buy fits your budget for this update. At this point, the option of choosing an ERP Cloud comes into play. When cloud solutions are chosen, all the software will be hosted on a server external to our company that we can access from anywhere in the world and at any time if we have an Internet connection. Keep in mind this distinction between implementing an ERP Cloud in the cloud or a traditional ERP to be able to foresee the hardware that you will need.

In conclusion, choosing an ERP software is key. Do not let yourself be seduced a priori by the big brands thinking of the fact that being at the forefront of the market is synonymous with a great return on investment.

Follow these tips, evaluate all the options, and you will be in a position to choose an ERP that bests suit your business model, which will help you make strategic decisions, thus improving business competitiveness.

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