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Introducing groopworks

groopworks | Project and Time Mangement application

At Mayan Technologies Inc., we found that adapting your organization’s processes to work with a project management tool is not quite simple. So, we decided to take that opportunity and create the opposite: a tool that adapts to the organization.

Groopworks is a project and time management application to collaborate, share ideas, track projects, and find talent. It has all the features to manage a small business and allow growth to its full potential. From project and time management to work orders, invoicing, and reporting, groopworks offers a broad spectrum of tools and features to help you be successful on any project regardless of how big or small it might be.

Sign up today and try groopwoorks free throughout 2019.

Seems like yesterday when groopworks was barely an idea - create a software platform capable of helping people work and collaborate on their projects in an organized yet flexible way.

After many hours of work, obstacles, changes and setbacks, our goal has been reached. It’s amazing how groopworks has evolved during this entire process. Regardless of the industry you work in, groopworks can manage your projects, help with task allocation, customers and contacts maintenance, expense tracking and activity reports.

Software development teams, human resources agencies, consultancies, educational institutions or even NGOs can rely on the services groopworks provides, thanks to its great adaptability. With our community platform groopworks encourages collaboration not only within the same organization but also with other groopworks members and teams, by asking or offering help using the community workspace.

Validated by our team at Mayan Technologies Inc. and fully implemented as our operational platform. We can proudly say that groopworks has fully adapted to how Mayan Technologies Inc. gets the work done. We are no longer worried about loosing time and impacting productivity while trying to figure out how a management tool works, instead we use that time to actually be productive and improve our efficiency, thanks to the flexibility groopworks provides.

Since groopworks is the first product fully owned and developed by Mayan Technologies Inc., we are very excited to share the final result with the world. Even though the road isn’t over yet and groopworks is continuously being enhanced, this is the moment for everyone to try it out!

The best part is, it’s free for all users throughout 2019, so don’t miss the opportunity to join. Spread the word and take advantage of all groopworks has to offer at no cost at all. The bigger the community, the faster groopworks improves.

For additional information, please visit groopworks website: or visit groopworks on facebook.

groopworks | Project and Time Management App

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