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Mayan Technologies Open Heart Initiative

On September 11th of 2017 there was a massive failure in the grid that provides electricity to part of northern Mexico. Four states had no electricity for several hours and this affected most of us at Mayan Technologies. As for me, I remember a certain desperation produced specifically by internet interruption and a shortage of batteries in my devices. As simple as it sounds, it made me realize how dependent I am on these things (also, the fridge was getting warm and stores were closing and traffic lights weren't working). This started a train of thought that quickly escalated into more serious situations and made me realize that I’m far from being prepared for circumstances like natural disasters, water shortages, losing close relatives, and the like. It was a negative feeling, but it made me value the fact that, right now, I have resources to do something about them.

Eight days later, on September 19th, a 7.1 earthquake struck Mexico City. Videos of the incident spread rapidly through Facebook, WhatsApp and social media, and it shocked me. I could not think well. I could hardly concentrate at all. The vulnerability I felt 8 days before was nothing compared to what the people affected were experiencing. I felt strongly for those who were living the disaster and I started to think in ways to help. There must have been something I could do, but I felt so far away, and I couldn’t come up with a plan to execute and effect relief immediately.

Thankfully, there are specialized groups of people out there, associations, and brigades that are fully prepared for emergency situations, and they act swiftly. They study and dedicate parts of their lives specifically for emergencies, and they are not only prepared to help themselves but others as well. A lot of them are volunteers and these incredible people need help to do their helping and they can be helped by donations. This was the first official cause for the Mayan Technologies Open Heart initiative. This initiative is about pursuing a goal of great personal importance, indeed. Between employee and company donations, Mayan Technologies donated a total of $4,000 USD to the Mexico campaign, which consists of a collaboration between the Ambulante organization, Diego Luna, and Gael García Bernal. The donation was made via Omaze, an online fundraising platform.

There was a second official cause driven by the Mayan Technologies Open Heart initiative, this time was to go beyond the needs and spread joy. Coordinated with “Kilometro del Juguete” (Toy Kilometer), Mayan Technologies collected a total of 63 toys and 11 clothing items which will be delivered to families and to assistance programs in the municipality of San Pedro Garza García. There will definitely be many more initiatives seeding this cooperating attitude in all of us, making us grow in different aspects.

Helping through an effortful donation or volunteering fuels a gamma of positive emotions, an engagement with the society, a sense of meaning and purpose, being a part of a cause, which later leads to accomplishment, and in general, a well-being experience which speaks for a well-formed society that in this case is more than individuals who share a common goal.

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