Our group is specialized in providing services for 2 main solution markets. With a group of highly specialized professionals, taking care of a highly specialized enterprise solutions project or driving, developing and implementing a complete custom solution, we are here to help.



We are extreme believers in technology and the  amazing things it can do

With several years of experience working on different ERP products and across different industries, we will tailor and design a custom support program that adapts 100% to your specific needs.



Functional Architects and PMs
Our focus is to gather requirements and translate them into technical designs, taking care of any Project Manager (PM) needs, as well as designing requirements.

Custom Engineers
Extensive technical experience to develop complex solutions using any combination of available tools to meet customer requirements.

Integration Engineers
Specialized in designing and building integrations between ERP systems and any external products to maximize your operations.

Tech Support Specialists
Fully capable of conducting trainings and serve as the first line of support for any functional or technical issue.

Infrastructure Set Up Support & Management

With extensive knowledge on different products, we understand what your system needs to perform at its full potential.


Endorsed & Supported Frameworks



We tackle each project with a brand-new canvas. Only after doing a full assessment, we work with you on creating the right support/development program to take care of your project.

Core Competencies