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Cultivate Brilliance and Support InspoScience

Mayan Technologies has an initiative to prepare young individuals for their future in technical industries. The company provides internships for young minds and work directly with students to give them specialized hands-on experience. Mayan Technologies has an intern, Om Agarwal, who recently founded a science fair with friends to press play on events that were paused due to Corona Virus. He recently founded a science fair for other young scientists and technologically driven individuals. COVID-19 has devastated the world we once knew, and as a society, we are getting accustomed to the new normal. Om Agarwal, Peter Zhu, Claire Scrimini, and Vanessa Scrimini founded InspoScience Canada as part of that goal.

Om shared the need to encourage young individuals to stay involved, work towards scholarships and other opportunities during a crisis, when many individuals have felt lost. This event's goal is to promote passionate students and showcase their skillsets. With the job search becoming more difficult, he wanted to give young individuals to keep focus on their goals and ambitions.

The founders created an online science fair event for students. COVID-19 canceled and postponed science fairs, which put student's projects on hold. Students their age exhausted time and resources into creating projects which are now delayed. The founders of InspoScience Canada wanted students to showcase their work, get exposure to companies, scholarships, and other awards. They created InspoScience as an online event because they refused to let a pandemic stop their colleagues from their passions. They have received a range of projects within technical software and ideas, including artificial intelligence, complex software development, and biotechnology.

The team reached out to companies for support and have had enormous success. In total, InspoScience has remarkable awards for those who get involved: a total of $30K in prizes, $2 million in scholarships, 15 internship, lab opportunities, and three expense-paid trips to compete in international science fairs. Mayan Technologies has not only supported InspoScience with financial contribution, but have also had executive members sign up as judges. Company President, Grant Betts, and CTO, Sergio Prieto, are excited to join InspoScience Canada as members of the Scientific Review Committee.

InspoScience Canada was created by brilliant young minds that were not going to let a pandemic stop them from pursuing their passions. These are individuals who have recognized how confusing and stressful 2020 has been, especially on the younger generation. They want to remind students to push through uncertainty and come out on top.

Mayan Technologies proudly supports the individuals that set up the online science fair and wanted to share this with anyone interested. This opportunity is free and meant for all youth within North America to showcase their bright ideas in technology, biology, environment, and physical sciences. To be eligible: Applicants must be aged between 13-19, live in North America, and be in grades 8-12. Applications opened in June and will be closing on June 21st. There are two rounds of judging: first will showcase the top 200 projects, and the second to distribute awards. They plan on sharing top projects online to give students exposure to companies and other opportunities.

Mayan Technologies invested in the dream of this project. They stand behind Om Agarwal and are excited to see how he can inspire the students around him. The creativity from the founders and him are something that Mayan Technologies wants to continue to motivate.

For more information, visit and support these creative individuals!

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