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Advanced Engineering Capabilities in Epicor ERP

Engineering and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) are not just components but the backbone of the production process within Epicor ERP. This article delves into how these advanced functionalities can not only optimize manufacturing processes but significantly boost operational efficiency.

Introduction to Advanced Engineering in Epicor

Epicor offers a robust platform tailored for the intricate creation and management of parts and manufacturing methods. At the heart of this framework is the Engineering Workbench, a pivotal tool designed to empower engineers to meticulously create, review, and approve Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and parts with precision.

Strategic Creation and Review of Parts

The engineering journey begins with the strategic creation of new parts or the meticulous review of existing ones. Utilizing the Engineering Workbench, parts are meticulously organized into an ECO Group (Engineering Change Order), which serves as the nerve center for the engineering process. This arrangement fosters collaborative work among engineers, ensuring that every modification undergoes thorough tracking and receives appropriate approvals, thus enhancing accuracy and reliability.

Innovative Manufacturing Methods (MOM)

The construction of a manufacturing method is a detailed endeavor, starting from scratch and detailing each necessary step to produce a part. It encompasses the definition of operations, materials, and essential resources. Once the MOM is meticulously crafted, it undergoes a rigorous approval process before being officially recorded, thus becoming available for implementation in quotes, jobs, and as a foundational element for new methods.

Streamlined Engineering Process Flow

The engineering process flow in Epicor is streamlined through several critical stages that enhance productivity and efficiency:

  1. Part Creation and Reviews: Engineers use the Engineering Workbench for innovative part creation or for refining existing parts.

  2. Part Checkout: Parts are strategically grouped in an ECO Group to facilitate detailed review and modifications.

  3. Manufacturing Method Creation: The MOM is crafted with detailed specifications of operations, materials, and resources.

  4. Part Check-in: Post-approval, parts are cataloged and made readily available for operational use. Optimized

Operations and Resource Management

Operations, the essential steps required to manufacture a part, are systematically defined in the Operation Maintenance module. This module allows for precise specification of resources and resource groups, alongside associated labor rates and overhead costs. This meticulous planning ensures each operation is optimally cost-effective and well-organized.

Comprehensive Bill of Materials (BOM)

The BOM is critically important, listing all components necessary for manufacturing a product. Accurate definition and availability of these materials are crucial, whether they are sourced from inventory or purchased, to prevent production delays and maintain workflow continuity.

Customizable Company Configuration

Epicor’s configuration capabilities allow for tailored company interactions with the engineering and manufacturing modules. This flexibility includes the ability to set default values for new manufacturing methods and to specify operational limits, such as the number of engineers per ECO Group, enhancing both productivity and scalability.


Epicor’s engineering and manufacturing modules provide an integrated and comprehensive platform for effectively managing and optimizing production processes. With features that support everything from part creation to the detailed execution of manufacturing methods and resource management, Epicor ensures that every facet of the manufacturing process is seamlessly orchestrated and executed to the highest standards.

At Mayan Technologies, we excel in ERP professional services, utilizing sophisticated tools like Epicor to elevate operational efficiencies for our clients. Explore how we can enhance your engineering and manufacturing capabilities by visiting our website or reaching out to us directly.

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